Haydeh Ayazi

Born 1961, Tehran, Iran
Lives and works in Tehran, Iran.

Solo Exhibition:
2020, “Course, on the Spur of the Moment.” Delgosha Gallery, Tehran, Iran
2019, "Spider Love", Delgosha Gallery, Tehran, Iran
2017, "Swallowed Flower", Delgosha Gallery, Tehran, Iran

Group Exhibition:
2021, "Farsi and the Farsi Ghoul" (Curated By Shabahang Tayyari )Delgosha gallery, Tehran, Iran
2020, "Spring Comes With Its Shadows" (Curated By Shabahang Tayyari )Delgosha gallery, Tehran, Iran
2019, "Untaimed " (curated By Fereydoun Ave)Delgosha gallery, Tehran, Iran
2018, "The Bright Side Of Revenge" (curated By Shabahang Tayyari), Delgosha Gallery, Tehran, Iran
2018, "Badha", Delgosha gallery, Tehran, Iran

Swallowed Flower
Hayedeh Ayazi

Badha ( بَدها )
Group show

The Bright Side Of Revenge
Group Show Curated By Shabahang Tayyari

Spider Love
Haydeh Ayazi

Spring Comes With Its Shadows
Group Exhibition 

Course, on the spur of the moment.
Haydeh Ayazi

Curated By Fereydoun Ave
Group Show

Farsi & The Farsi Ghoul
Group Exhibition

O, no the apprehension of the good
Group exhibition