Zabihullah Mohammady

Zabihullah Mohammady
Born 1941, in Lorestan, Iran
Died 2021, in Tehran, Iran
He Lived and worked in ,Tehran, Iran

Solo Exhibitions:

2019, “Almost Past Perfect” Delgosha Gallery, Tehran, Iran
2018, "Seven Sisters And A Brother "”Delgosha Gallery, Tehran, Iran
2018, “Iran City”, Iran House Of Artists, Paeez gallery, Tehran, Iran
2017, “Az Avardegah…”, Iran House Of Artists, Zemestan gallery, Tehran, Iran

Group Exhibitions:
2021, "Farsi and the Farsi Ghoul" (Curated By Shabahang Tayyari ) Delgosha gallery, Tehran, Iran
2020, Teer Art Fair Online, Delgosha Gallery, Tehran,Iran
2019, ” Untaimed ”(curated By Fereydoun Ave)Delgosha gallery, Tehran, Iran
2019, ” Approaching The End Of Magic, The Plateau Closes in.” (curated By Soorena Petgar)Delgosha Gallery,Tehran,
2018, “Point”, Iran House Of Artists, Tehran, Iran
2017, “Iranian Outsider”, Polismy Gallery, Paris, France
2006, “Khiyal Dar…”, Arasbaran Cultural Center, Tehran, Iran


Almost Past Perfect
Zabihollah Mohammady

Seven Sisters And A Brother
Zabihullah Mohammady

Curated By Fereydoun Ave
Group Show

Approaching The End Of Magic, The Plateau Closes in

Curated By Soorena Petgar

Farsi & The Farsi Ghoul
Group Exhibition

O, no the apprehension of the good
Group exhibition