Niaz Babatabar

Born 1985, Babol, Iran
She Lives and works in Tehran, Iran

2013, M.A in Painting, Tarbiat Modares University
2008, B.A in Painting, Faculty of Art and Architecture

Solo Exhibitions:
2020, “Seyyed Mostafa Garden ” Delgosha Gallery, Tehran, Iran
2018, “Busker And Her Cats ” Delgosha Gallery, Tehran, Iran
2017, “Mrigold”, Delgosha Gallery, Tehran, Iran
2005, Arasbaran Cultural Center, Tehran, Iran

Selected Group Exhibitions:
2020, Teer Art Fair Online, Tehran, Iran
2020, “Spring Comes With Its Shadows ” (Curated By Shabahang Tayyari ) Delgosha Gallery, Tehran, Iran
2019, ” Untaimed ”,(curated By Soorena Petgar)Delgosha Gallery, Tehran, Iran
2019, ” Approaching The End Of Magic, The Plateau Closes in. ”Delgosha Gallery, Tehran, Iran
2018, ”Badha”Delgosha Gallery, Tehran, Iran
2016, “Meeting After Storm”, Delgosha Gallery, Tehran, Iran
2016, “Beyond The Mile”, Homa Gallery, Tehran, Iran
2009, “Iran Contemporary Drawing Biennal selected”, Imam Ali Museum, Tehran, Iran
2008, “Group Drawing exhibition”, Art Collage Gallery, Tehran, Iran
2007, ”Group painting exhibition”, Laleh Gallery, Tehran, Iran
2007, “Group painting exhibition”, Iranian Artists Forum, Mirmiran Gallery, Tehran, Iran

Niaz Babatabar

Badha ( بَدها )
Group show

Busker And Her Cats
Niaz Babatabar

Spring Comes With Its Shadows
Group Exhibition 

Seyyed Mostafa Garden
Niaz Babatabar

Curated By Fereydoun Ave
Group Show

Approaching The End Of Magic, The Plateau Closes in

Curated By Soorena Petgar

Leaving the spring for the fall, winter.
Niaz Babatabar
Eghbal Joudi
Soorena Petgar
Yasaman Safa
Zahra Zonouz
Organized by Shabahang Tayyari